Link Building Advantage

The relationship between Internet Marketing/SEO and links is powerful. Even people new to search engine optimization understand that links from other websites are a critical element to gaining search engine visibility. Building web site authority is one of many aspects that web developers struggle with in addition to web content strategy and social media marketing. However, most people don’t realize that when you put effort into each of these components, your search engine rankings will inevitably improve. At SEO Inc, an SEO company for 20 years, we will work with you to build a comprehensive, integrated strategy of creating and promoting useful content to signal strong website authority. Let’s start with some basics.

What are inbound links?

Inbound links, or backlinks, are the incoming links to your website from other high authority websites in your vertical. The higher quality and appropriate links you have, the more your site and content is considered authoritative and will get a natural lift in search engine rankings. Inbound links necessary to have a complete and comprehensive SEO strategy. Communicating with your clients or potential clients using SMM outreach is especially useful and why social media optimization has become a mandatory part of any SEO link building campaign. Companies committed to keeping their website content fresh, and who consistently create and share useful, new content, have a much higher likelihood for natural link building SEO without using tactics that are not approved by search engines especially Google.

Competitive Link Analysis

Our clients receive a competitive analysis to understand better how their website’s link popularity compares to other high-ranking sites in their industry. Our SEO link building goes beyond simple comparisons of the number of links to the home page and analyzes critical external link metrics, including:

  • Inbound Link Distribution – On most websites, the homepage tends to have the most inbound links. But search engines like to see a link profile where many pages on your site are linked to and from other websites.
  • Anchor Text Distribution – The text that links to your page is essential to link building SEO. Links build authority to your pages, and all search engines look for a “natural” link profile, meaning that each page with inbound links includes a variety of anchor text.
  • Topical Relevancy – Links from websites with themes and topics that are related to the target page are more beneficial than links from websites with unrelated subjects. For example, a link from ESPN to a site that sells sports equipment is considered extremely topically relevant, whereas, a link from a blog about dental care to a sports site would not be considered topically relevant.
  • Trustworthiness –  Not all links are created equal. A link from an outlet such as Business Insider would be considered more trustworthy than a link from a mommy blogger and helps establish your E-A-T (Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness).

Services to Supplement Organic Content Marketing and Publishing:

Stimulating inbound links with a carefully crafted content and social media strategy is our number one recommendation for organic SEO link building. To supplement these efforts, we also offer other SEO link building services. Think of this type of SEO link building like taking supplements for your fitness. Taking supplements can help if you are eating well and exercising regularly, but they won’t help much if you don’t nourish yourself or exercise. Additional items to compliment your natural link building efforts, we offer the following:

Press Releases:

When executed properly, and as part of a well-orchestrated SEO strategy, optimized press releases can be a tremendously useful technique to generate visibility for your brand. There are many free services on the internet for press release syndication. However, these neither provide any branding benefits nor have the syndication network that SEO Inc. possesses to help generate natural editorial visibility.

Backlink Analysis / Link Detox:

Our backlink analysis and link detox assessments are the most innovative and comprehensive within our industry. For over eight years we have been detoxifying backlink profiles full of harmful backlinks that negatively affect a business’ rankings on Google. We have removed 21/21 Manual Action Penalties, half of those within the last year. Don’t let anyone tell you that quantity is what you need, and this is entirely incorrect. A single organic backlink from a source such as; CNN, New York Times will be more powerful and authoritative than thousands of backlinks from forums and comments, or even an average website.

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