Majority of marketers are familiar with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Booting your business by using the reach of Search engines such as Google and Bing has been a successful approach for years. But as Social Media Grows and becoming the top platform for approaching new customers and promotes new digital marketing approaches. The top but not the last strategy for growing businesses and maximizing the online reach is Social Media Optimization (SMO).

What Is Social Media Optimization?

SMO is essentially a use of social media to grow your company’s online presence. Some companies just set up the profile on social media to stand there where the customers are, Social Media Marketing is strategically creating, enhancing and building the social media plan to stay connected with the targeted audience.  SMO allows you to:

  • Establish and strengthen your brand
  • Get more online visibility
  • Stay connected with the audience
  • Generate leads in market

Why SMO Is So Important?

The gap between and Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing decreasing rapidly, comparatively in the past these both were distinct and separate marketing approaches. But the reality is that they almost merged.

Getting more than 1,000 tweets on Twitter won’t help in boost your ranking in Google, SEO and Social Media Marketing are both stronger together. According to the survey, 50% percent of companies that are not getting success with SEO is integrating social media marketing. However, social marketing has a huge list of benefits. If you want to go with a solid approach towards online marketing than you must have a healthy balance of SMO and SEO.

Well they are not exactly the same, social media marketer can learn lot of lessons from SEO and here we are sharing 6 best tips to improve social media optimization.

1-Optimize Your Strategy

The effective social media marketing strategy is the roadmap for companies. Among many there are two major reasons to go with social media marketing—first is the social media is changing every day and the second it’s still fairly new. According to the survey twenty percent of brands think that the lack of strategy seizes them from getting on top. Before implementing anything the objective and goals must be defined clearly. A better strategy allows you to grow online and get measurable results. These seven steps will lead you toward effective strategy:

  1. Define goal and solve challenging issues
  2. Extend organizational efforts
  3. Focus on value adding network
  4. Prepare engaging content
  5. Identify business opportunities
  6. Engage more
  7. Monitor and improve marketing efforts

2-Do Keyword Research

One of the core things in SEO is the ability to d keyword research. It is actually the process of finding the topics and phrases that your targeted audience searching for. The same strategy applies to social media optimization. You need to know what kind of content, hashtags, and keywords your targeted audience is searching, so you can post the relevant content for them. Keyword research will be going to help you figure out the effective hashtags and phrases to use in social media posts.

For SEO there are many tools to check the keyword search volume but these numbers are not accurate.  For the social market, you can use a Twitter keyword report to get an idea of how often a phrase is used on social media.

3-Optimize Your Profile

Social Media Optimization is very similar to SEO. In SEO you usually optimize your site in a way that helps Google understand and Google consider your website as a search result when a user type for something relevant to your topic. But in SMO instead of optimizing your website, you optimize your profile.

  • Profile Photo: Use your company logo as your profile photo. In case you are running an organization on your own or working as a Freelancer you can use your own picture as well.
  • Username: Use your company name as your social media username. Doing so will help your company grow as a brand.
  • Bio: Tell each and everything about your company and try to place a link to your website if possible

4-Optimize Your Content

“Content is King” you may have probably heard. This saying matters most in SE but in SMO as well you can’t get success unless you share quality content.

There are two major types of content in social media:

  1. Original
  2. Curated

The ideal strategy is to mix both, the original content means the real content you post in social media such as Netflix shared original graphics on twitter when they launched #NetflixCheating.

And the curated content is the content shared from different sources around the web. It is not like just tweeting but it is the process of determining the content that your audience usually search on social media.


Hashtags have turned out to be synonymous with social media advertising. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and all other best social media users incorporate hashtags in some design. They make it simple to follow drifting points, categorize social media posts and they can be engaging.

Hashtags help with social media enhancement by giving your posts more reach, and making it less demanding for your substance to be found even by individuals who aren’t following you.

Despite the fact that hashtags can appear to be somewhat arbitrary, there’s methodology associated with taking advantage of them. Here are a few hints to use hashtags successfully on social media:

  • Look what Hashtags relevant industries are using
  • Relate trending Hashtags to your brand to get more awareness
  • To track social media campaigns create your own Hashtags
  1. Optimize Posting Schedule

Maintaining the posting schedule is really important. What’s the benefit of posting something if no one sees it? Use these tips to optimize your posting schedule.

Best time to Post on Social Media

The ideal posting time is completely dependent on your audience, social media platform, and the audience you are targeting. After researching a lot we find the best time to post on social media. This’ll definitely help you get a good start for yourself.

  • Twitter: 6+ times per day
  • LinkedIn: 3-5 times per week
  • Pinterest: 5-10 times per day
  • Facebook: 5-10 times per week

6-Use Social Media Analytics for Tracking & Improvement

Alike SEO in SMO you should track your social media efforts for tracking and improving your results. Use Google Analytics with UTM code it’ll allow you to track the visitors that your website gets from a social media platform. Besides from getting traffic also stick with social media specific metrics. The efficient place to start is Avinash Kaushik’s four social media metrics.

  1. Conversion Rate: Average comments and replies your post get
  2. Amplification: Average shares and retweets your post get
  3. Applause: Average “votes” your post get
  4. Economic Value: Social media ROI (Return on Investment)

The SMO can drastically improve your approach from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Using a strategic approach gives you amplified results.

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